Let's face it. Grocery shopping can become complicated at times. Trial and error at the supermarket can be a frustrating learning curve. Those supposedly "healthy"packaged foods can be the reason why you feel like crap, or bloated, or can't lose the extra weight despite working out like a demon.

I am guessing that this is why you are here – you want to remove the stress from shopping because frankly, you’re over the confusion and could use a break. This is why I've put my Nutrition Nerdette glasses on, and prepared the Grocery Shopping Makeover and Healthy Shopping Lists for the most popular Australian supermarkets. 

In these downloadable guides you will find:
  • My Five Principles for real-food based grocery shopping. 
  • The lists of food items you need to stock in your refrigerator and pantry to make healthy food assembly a breeze.
  • Deep dive information on what to look for and why when you are shopping for food. 
  • Healthy shopping lists with the exact brands I recommend from both Woolworths and Coles. 
  • My top shopping tips that you can use wherever you do your grocery shopping. 

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